My world is so empty, all that’s left is pain

My entire world has fallen apart, darkness surrounds me

I wake up and cry for all that I miss, blinded by fear, drowning in doubt

How will I mend a broken heart, how can I find hope in a brand new day?


One more day of sadness is too hard to bare, tired of living a life of heartache and despair

Hollers of agonizing cries, I have nothing left inside, my soul is dying

I have become a hollow shell; into an endless oblivion I have fallen

Trying to run away from emotional ties of my memory, not knowing what I’ll lose

Dear God, please watch over my life, give me hope and strength; I pray.


A gentle breeze brushes my face; I know God has heard my plea, my prayers are answered

New doors will open for me; I know he will guide me through life’s difficulties,

“I am still with you, I never left you” He whispers, “I will show you the way”

I don’t feel an ounce of sorrow and pain, my heart is mending

I tilt my head and close my eyes; It’s my turn to be happy, it’s my turn to smile!


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