Dead inside


Every day is a struggle, slowly losing my mind

Every day is a nightmare, that never seems to end

Every day breathing feels like a chore, burdened by this agony

I’m ready for it to end, so I can reunite with my loved ones.


Every day I echo a prayer, for God to take me

Every day I smile, just to hide the sadness

Every day my heart beats faster, tears fall

So drained and numb, lacking motivation to live.


Every day the world crumbles before me, I know that I’m not okay

Every day I become engulfed, in the raging thoughts in my mind

Every day I put on a mask, to hide the emptiness inside me

My constant need to seem okay, leaves me drained each day.


Every day I’m numb, from the tiredness surrounding me

Every day I ignore the ache in my eyelids, the pounding in my head

Every day I fight a battle that never ends, exhausted to the core

Screaming yet no one seems to hear.


Every day I’m tired to go to bed, so I remain on the floor

Every day I get flash backs, of the happy girl I used to be

Every day I’m falling, with no intention of stopping

Sleep eludes me,can’t keep my thoughts concealed.


Every day I’m exhausted, attempting to hold my eyelids up

Every day I put on headphones, to block out the world

Every day I hold on, when all I want is to give up

Wanting to go to a deep sleep, from which one doesn’t awake.



Every day I’m weary, tired and jaded, alone my tears glisten

Every day I drown in my tears, bleeding on the inside

Every day I look and feel faded, too tired to care

Realizing the battle is over, death occurred long ago!


Every day my tears make me so blind, I don’t know what to do

Every day I just sit, rotting and fading away

Every day I’m in pain, without a clue as to what I’m doing

I’m stuck in a rut; I just want to rest…


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