A Stranger



“Take my hand, let me help you”,

Were his words to her, she smiled shyly,

No words necessary, a risk she was willing to take,

To follow a path, that she knew not where it led.


His kisses hot and fast, exploring every inch of her body,

Running his fingers through her hair, whispering words of love,

Looking deep in her eyes, he could see what she felt,

A touch of skin soft and slippery, hunger revealed in this moment.


She turned her head slowly, his lips for her to seek,

Their tongues danced together, exploring,

Their bodies came alive, a moment they couldn’t resist,

The urgent thrusts of passion, as their bodies demanded more.


Lost in the moment, she dragged her nails down his back,

Drowning in the love, she gave her innocence to him,

Unable to control themselves, their bodies became one,

Left screaming and soaked, by the touch of a stranger….


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