A gaze of intense feelings, as his eyes looked into hers,

The wanting and desire seemed to escalate, her legs quivering,

Aching and biting need, longing for winds of his love

Forbidden love so strong, days of holding back seemed so long a wait,


A little candle in her heart, flickered with a brilliant glow,

Longing deep within cries, pure ecstasy and bliss

Captured by heat and hunger, tormenting desires awakened,

Always wanting what wasn’t hers to posses.


Gently pulling her close, her soul shuddered with joy,

Rubbing his lips gently against hers, she tasted the forbidden kiss,

Completely body and soul, he was hers for a minute

As passion fueled the fire, scorching her soul with its burning breath.


Without fear or reservation, she wanted to love him openly,

To the forbidden desire she hanged on desperately, blocking out the rest of the world,

Only in her dreams was she acceptable to him, in reality she had to come back

Awakened to the truth of what’s right, what’s wrong and what’s not hers!


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