Do you ever think about death? Not a relative’s or friends, but yours? I do. One thing comes to mind though. What are people going to say? How will my obituary look like? Well, you shouldn’t speak ill of the dead, that’s what they say or rather that’s what we practice. Is this just a notion; a mentality that has been deeply embedded in peoples’ minds that they follow and accept it as the law of the land? Whatever happens to honesty and sincerity when one dies!! The dead are mostly portrayed as saints; it’s not a bad thing though if it makes you happy. I believe people do that because they’d rather be left with the good memories of the dearly departed than the bad ones (correct me if I’m wrong) and also it’s not in our place to judge the dead as God will do that. I also think that it wouldn’t be okay to say nasty things about the dead, to a person who really loved the deceased. I’m not saying judge them, just tell the truth!!

Well, when I die, I want people to be truthful and honest about how I lived my life (don’t dance on my grave before I’m buried though). If you feel the need to examine my living legacy, by all means do. But what’s the rush? You can always do that a week or a month later; just give my loved ones space to mourn. If I could write my obituary, I would…. I would make it sad and beautiful at the same time, not forgetting to make it short because I wouldn’t count on people’s attention span…When that day comes, people will say “she died on her terms”



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