I like reading, no, I love reading. Inspirational books are a thrill for me and have taught me a number of things;

  1. You do not manifest your destiny by putting other people first; if you choose to be a servant then that’s all you are going to be and you cannot claim that your master’s riches belong to you.
  2. You can never be powerful by playing by the rules; you have to want more out of life and take control and make it happen.
  3. Never seek approval from other people; insecurity is worst enemy and it will constantly hinder you from progressing. Never worry about what other people think about you and most definitely never second guess yourself.
  4. You can’t change your past and the mistakes you made, but you can confront your past and change your attitude about it to prevent it from affecting your present life.
  5. Most importantly, free yourself from mental slavery and pay attention to your thoughts by being self aware and conscious and while at it, learn to recognize when your thoughts are being corrupted by your ego.




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