Dead Inside

Every day is a struggle, slowly losing my mind Every day is a nightmare, that never seems to end Every day breathing feels like a chore, burdened by this agony I’m ready for it to end, so I can reunite with my loved ones.   Every day I echo a prayer, for God to take … More Dead Inside

Loved and Lost

It’s just me and my thoughts now, Drowning in the unending sea of grief My heart is broken; my eyes are sad I’m sitting here alone, so awfully hollow I feel Almost like it’s me that died.   I put on this front, as I don’t want the world to see, The sorrow and pain … More Loved and Lost

Always remember

Dear self, In the past year you have grown more than you ever have and you’ve never been happier. Be grateful for your past struggles as they’ve made you the person you are now. Be proud of everything you’ve gone through and most importantly for the beautiful and strong woman you’ve become. It feels good … More Always remember

Till the end…

I never thought we would be friends like this, It’s funny how things turned out, Our bond is extremely special, You are an epitome of a best friend.   Life is too short to wake up with regrets, We have nothing to lose, and so much to gain, You give me so much excitement, my … More Till the end…

The ‘Other’

I haven’t written anything in a while; maybe because I’ve been so busy with work, friends and family or probably because I didn’t have inspiration or I’ve just become a lazy writer. I can’t seem to figure out the reason behind this. The last time I met with my friends we discussed about what it … More The ‘Other’

A Stranger

  “Take my hand, let me help you”, Were his words to her, she smiled shyly, No words necessary, a risk she was willing to take, To follow a path, that she knew not where it led.   His kisses hot and fast, exploring every inch of her body, Running his fingers through her hair, … More A Stranger